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Drip Irrigation advantages...

drip irrigation

Using drip zones in your bed areas reduces water use by eliminating waste. While applying water directly to plant root zones, losses to wind and evaporation are dramatically reduced. Water is applied only where needed, and is not wasted wetting areas where plant roots are not present. In most residential landscape areas, drip systems can reduce water use significantly versus the traditional automatic sprinkler spray heads.

In addition, normal spray heads can often be blocked by foliage or other landscape structures, which prevents the plants from receiving the water they were intended. With a drip system, water is applied at a slower rate, so it can be absorbed by the soil rather than causing substantial running off.

Information on why drip irrigation may be the right choice for your lawn...

  • reduces water usage by eliminating waste run-off and evaporation
  • uses less energy, thereby reducing your utility bill
  • more effective; improves the look and quality of lawns and flower beds
  • can easily be adapted to lawns and gardens of any shape or size
  • completely automated

Top Notch can help you decide if drip irrigation is the best solution for your watering needs.

We have experience in utilizing drip irrigation as an effective watering resource. Let us help you make what may be the best decision you could ever make for your lawns health. We can do an evaluation of your lawn and flower beds to see if drip irrigation is the fix you need. Give us a call today.

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James Wood, owner of Top Notch Irrigation.

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