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Frequently asked questions:

My sprinkler system will not shutoff, what do I do?

If your sprinkler system has a section that runs all of the time and you cannot shut it off, the problem is most likely you have a sprinkler valve that is stuck open. Close to your meter there is a green rectangular box, maybe buried under grass, which has your backflow in it or else it will be by your house. You will need to shut the water off at your backflow to get your system to stop running. We can stop by and fix your stuck valve.

What is the purpose of the backflow?

The backflow device prevents a backwards flow of water back to the main city water line. The easiest example of this is if there is a fire in your neighborhood, the fire dept will tap into a fire hydrant and draw extreme pressure from the city main. If you didn’t have a backflow in this case, water could be sucked from your sprinkler system back into the city main.

Your sprinkler system has dangerous contaminates that have the potential to cause serious sickness or death. It is Texas law that every sprinkler system have a backflow device and in some instances are required to have the device tested annually. We are backflow licensed and if you have any questions give us a call.

How much should I water in the summer time?

There are a lot variables in this question. If you live where there is good soil and the ground is flat, we typically water pop-up sprayers, about 7-10 minutes, using two start times, 2-3 times per week. If your purveyor allows 3x a week watering, that is best.

Using rotating heads/nozzles, we typically water 15-20 minutes, using two start times, 2-3x per week.

If you live on a slope or rocky soil then these run times will need to be reduced to prevent run-off and waste of water. Typically in the hot summer months, you will need to have a total precipitation per week of .8” – 1.2” depending on grass type.

Bermuda and zoysia will be on low side of that total, whereas St Augustine will be on the high side of that total. We can perform an evaluation and more accurate recommendation. The main suggestion: Do not over water and cause run-off.

Do I need to drain my system in the winter time?

It only takes one to cause a high repair bill.

If you have an above ground backflow, make sure it is insulated very well. Draining your devices when a freeze is predicted is very wise and recommended.

If you have a below ground backflow it is not such a high risk for these to freeze.

It is highly recommended to turn your system off when freeze warnings are issued.

It is also recommended to have a rain/freeze sensor installed if you currently only have a rain sensor. State law requires minimum of a rain sensor. If you need your backflow insulated, that is a service we provide and are glad to assist you any way we can.

I have a head that leaks constantly. What is the problem?

The valve is not closing all the way; therefore the diaphragm isn’t sealed inside the valve, which is causing water to seep out of the valve. We are experienced at rebuilding all types of valves and replaceing the diaphragm so that it closes tight and stops wasting water.

My sprinkler heads do not come up high enough to spray over the grass

No, you don’t need a new sprinkler system, but you do need to get your sprinkler heads raised up.

How do you raise sprinkler heads?

What we will do is dig each head up and raise the head itself. Once we raise the head, the head will be at ground level out of the range of the mower.

How high should me sprinkler heads be?

If you have St. Augustine grass, make sure you maintain the grass height below 3” as the typical head is only 4”. If you maintain the height at 4” then the head will not pop-up above the grass and this will cause inefficient spray patterns. We are experienced at raising heads so give us a call if coverage is an issue.

Can I pour concrete over my sprinkler pipes?

No, you do not want to pour concrete over your sprinkler lines! If they break at a later time, the repair will be very costly. Have the effected lines, heads, valves, etc moved out of the way of any concrete areas.

Do I need a rain sensor? It doesn’t rain very often in Central Texas

Yes, it State Law to have a rain sensor that will shut your system off if it rains.

Rain sensors have an adjustment that monitors sensitivity. If it rains approximately .25”, the system should skip the next watering and not water again until the sensor dries out. If your system does not have a sensor or your sensor is not working properly, give a call.

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